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ation. All other 

ion and TenchL 
;. and its affilia 

are registered tr 
es. Published and 

ademarks and 
distributed bv 

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arks and trade r 
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the United Stat 

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About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to 
certain visuai images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in 
video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may 
have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic 
seizures" while watching video games. 

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms including: lightheadedness, 
altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, 
disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also 
cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling 
down or striking nearby objects. 

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these 
symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above 
symptoms — children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience 
these seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by: 

• sitting farther from the television screen, -• ;; 

• using a smaller television screen, 

• playing in a well-lit room, and 

• not playing when you are drowsy or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult 
a doctor before playing. 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or 
rear-projection types, can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox 
games, are played on them. Static images presented during the normal course 
of game play may "burn in" to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the 
static image to appear at all times, even when video games are not being 
played. Similar damage may occur from static images created when placing 
a video game on hold or pause. Consult your television owner's manual to 
determine if video games can be safely played on your set. If you are unable 
to find this information in the owner's manual, contact your television dealer 
or the manufacturer to determine if video games can be played on your set. 

Other Important Health and Safety Information 

The Xbox Instruction Manual contains important safety and health information 
that you should read and understand before using this software. 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, 
rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited. 


Getting started 2 

Controller Configuration 3 

Prologue 4 

Characters 4 

Title Screen Nenu 5 

Options Nenu 7 

Character Select Screen 8 

Mission Screen 8 

Mission Intro 8 

Items Screen 8 

Game Screen 9 

Pause Screen 11 

Controller 11 

Continue Function 13 

Mission Scoring 13 

Advanced Ninja Techniques 14 

Combos & Special Moves 16 

Credits 17 

Customer Support 22 

Software License Agreement 25 

Microsoft, Xbox, and the Xbox Logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft 
Corporation in the United States and/or other countries and are used under license from Microsoft. 


Disc tray 



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Controller port 2 

Eject button 

r button 

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Controller port 4 
- Controller port 3 

Dsing the Xbox Video Game System 

T . Set up your Xbox video game system from Microsoft by 
following the instructions in the Xbox Instruction Manual. 

2. Press the power button and the status indicator light will 
light up. 

3. Press the eject button and the disc tray will open. 

4. Place the Tenchu: Return from Darkness ' disc on the disc tray 
with the label facing up and close the disc tray. 

5. Follow on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more 
information about playing Tenchu: Return from Darkness" 

Avoiding Damage to Discs or tlie Disc Drive 

To avoid damage to discs or the disc drive: 

• Insert only Xbox-compatible discs into the disc drive. 

• Never use oddly shaped discs, such as star-shaped or heart- 
shaped discs. 

• Do not leave a disc in the Xbox console for extended periods 
when not in use. 

• Do not move the Xbox console while the power is on and a disc 
is inserted. 

• Do not apply labels, stickers, or other foreign objects to discs. 


Expansion slot A 

Expansion slot B 

Right trigger 

Left thumbsttck 

BACK button 
START button 

Left trigger 

Directional pad Right thumbsttck 

Usiog tlie Xbox Cootroller 

1 . Connect the Xbox Controller into any controller port on the 
front of the Xbox console. 

2. Insert any expansion devices (for example, Xbox 
Communicator) into controller expansion slots 
as appropriate. 

3. Follow on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for 
more information about using the Xbox Controller to play 
Tenchu: Return from Darkness: 


It was a time of hiatus in a period of bitter wars and great turmoil. 

The Azuma ninja clan conducted the h'aditional ceremonies to end 
its year of mourning for the tragic death of Rikimaru. Meanwhile, 
the land of Lord Gohda celebrated the passing of the fourth season 
of peace since the defeat of Lord Mei-Oh. Only the Azuma ninjas 
knew the truth about Lord Nei-Oh's disappearance into a portal 
after he was defeated. It was a secret that even Lord Gohda did 
not know. 

Lord Gohda did know that the Azuma ninjas served him with their 
lives and with their honor— delivering midnight messages to 
neighboring states and punishment in the shadows to those who 
turned against him. They were a feared yet unknown group, a 
faceless arm of Justice masked in a cloud of secrets. Most 
importantly, they were his merciless force of silent assassins. 

This is the sequel to a tale of two shadows born unto darkness 
and destined to die in darkness. 


Rikimaru, Age 26 

Leader of the Azuma Shinobi~ryu ninJa sect. 

His thoroughness, patience and bravery have 

proven worthy of the Izayoi sword by the 
sect's master Shiunsai. Terrifyingly focused 
and withdrawn, his sense of destiny and of 
composure give him the strength to take on 
missions that most would consider similar 

to suicide. 


Ayame, Age 11 

Bold yet quick, silent yet cunning, Ayame has been 
trained since childhood as a ninJa. Sharp with her 
tongue as with her sword, Ayame uses an acrobatic 
style of ninjitsu to overcome obstacles living or 
dead. Ayame adores Gohda's daughter Kiku as if 
Kiku were her own baby sister. 


Use ^ and ^ on the directional pad to scroll through the options 
and press the A button to select. There are five selectable options 
on the Title screen menu. 

• Story Mode - Select this to play Story Mode. 

• Multiplayer Mode — Here you can play with two players. 

• Options - Select Options to change game settings (see Options 
Menu on page 7). 

• Tutorial — Describes basic movement, attacks and special 
functions. Select Training Map to play a practice level. 

• Xbox Live - Select this option to play a multiplayer game using 
Xbox L/ve" 

Multiplayer Mode 

Play either Versus mode or Co-Op Mode. Highlight with the 
directional pad and select with the A button. Two controllers must 
be attached before this option can be selected. 

Inversus Mode you can fight against another player head-to-head. 
Beware of enemies that will join in on the fight and look for items 
that you can pick up to aid you in your battle. 

In Co-Op Mode you can collaborate with another player to complete 
missions. As a team of assassins, each player is responsible for 
accomplishing the mission and the safe return of the other player. 
Do not let your team member die. Stay close together to perform 
simultaneous stealth kills. 

Xbox //Vf ' 

You can play a cooperative mission or versus match with one other 
player using Xbox Live? Both players will be able to control a 
character and see the mission full screen. Xbox L/ve" multiplayer 
missions are the same as the ones that are available in Multiplayer 
Mode. The difference between Xbox L/ve' ' and regular Multiplayer 
Mode games is you and your partner don't have to be in the same 
room— or even the same country! Select from several different 
characters and work as a team or battle it out with the other Xbox 
Live" player. You can also use Xbox L/ve'"s voice chat function to 
chat with your partner as you fight through the mission. 

When you log on to Xbox Live? you can access the list of players 
you've played with in the past to invite one of those players to 
play a new mission with you. You can also select players from the 
list and add them to your separate Friends list. Mst send a friend 
request to the player to add him or her to your Friends list. You 
can use your Friends list to invite a friend to play an Xbox L/ve' ' 
Co-Op mission with you as well. 


Select Tutorial to get a list of attacks and other game functions. 
From the Tutorial menu, select Training Map to play a tutorial level 
with hints and help to teach you the basic moves and combos of 
the game. If you're having trouble getting past the first level even 
though you keep trying, play through Training Mode to beef up 
your ninja skills. 


Use 1^ and vU on the directional 
pad to highlight an option and 
press the A button to select. Use 
the B button to return to the Title 
screen. There are 8 options to 
choose from. 

Records - Choose this option to view a record of rankings that were 
achieved with each character. Use <- and -^ on the directional pad 
to switch between records of the different characters. 

Difficulty - Use <- and -> on the directional pad to select between 
difficulty settings for Easy, Normal and Hard. 

Sound - Use ^ and -^ on the directional pad to change the sound 
settings for music, sound effects and languages. 

Controller - Change button settings. Use ^ and -> on the 
directional pad to turn the vibration On/ Off and switch the camera 
to normal/toggle. 

Stealth Kills - Use ^ and -^ on the directional pad to turn the 
stealth kills On/Off. 

Save and Load - Select this option to save/load a game to the 
hard disk. 

Brightness Adjustment - Use this screen to adjust the brightness 
settings of your TV. 

New Abilities - Choose this option to view a list of new abilities 
earned and their explanations. 


Use <- and -> on the directional pad to select the character you 
want to use. Press the A button to advance. Press the B button to 
return to the Title screen. 


This screen will display all playable missions. When you complete 
certain missions, more will become available. Use 1^ and ^ on the 
directional pad to select a mission and press the A button to 
select. Use <- and -> on the directional pad to select an enemy 
layout within the selected mission. Press the B button to return to 
the Character Select screen, 


In the mission intro you'll hear a description of your mission. 
Press START to skip the intro and move to the Items screen. 


The ninja items that are available for you to use will be displayed 
on this screen. By completing missions and earning better 
rankings, you'll earn more items. Highlight the item you want to 
add to your inventory by using ^,^r<r and -> on the directional 
pad and press the A button to select it. 

Remember that you are limited both by the total number of items 
you can carry (shown by the remaining number in the middle of 
the screen) and the number of different types of items you can 
carry (6). You always carry the grappling hook, so you can select 
up to 5 other kinds of items. When you're satisfied with your 
Inventory, press the START button to begin the mission. 


Items are automatically replenished at the completion of a 
mission. The ranking you're awarded at the end of the mission 
will determine the quantity of items to be replenished. Obviously, 
the higher the ranking, the more items you will obtain. Items 
that weren't used in the mission are automatically returned to 
the shelf. 


Enemy Health 

Kujl Meter 
Ki Meter 

Your Health 

Inventory Items 

This section describes the various displays shown during the 
game. These displays provide you with information vital to your 
survival and your success. 

Enemy Health - When you encounter an enemy, the enemy's 
health is indicated by the bar located in the upper left corner of the 
screen. The number indicates the enemy's remaining hit points. 

Your Health - Your health is indicated by the bar at the lower 
left corner of the screen and by the remaining hit points. The 
maximum is 1 00. When it reaches 0, you die. 

Kl Meter - A ninja has a sixth sense that will allow him or her to 
sense the emotions of people and creatures nearby. The Ki Meter 
is the embodiment of this sense. It indicates the proximity and 

alertness of any nearby beings. The meter shows how aware the 
enemy is of your existence 4 ways: 7, 1, lU ??. The closer the 
enemy, the larger the size of the meter. 

? - This indicates the presence of an enemy or innocent 
bystander who is not aware of your existence. 

! - This indicates that you have been spotted but you are not 
yet identified as a threat. The enemy may haven mistaken you 
for a dog, cat or colleague. 

!I - This indicates you have been spotted and identified as an 
intruder. The enemy will attack with the intent to kill. 
!? - This indicates that an enemy has been alerted by 
suspicious sounds or a body and is actively searching for an 
intruder. Beware— searching guards diligently scan rooftops. 

The number next to the Ki Meter is a numerical representation of 
the Ki Meter. The closer the enemy is to spotting you. the higher 
the number. 

Kujl (9 Kanjf) Meter -With every stealth kill performed, youll 
earn some kanji. Earn 9 kanjl and you'll be awarded a new ability 
specific to that mission. After you earn the new ability specific to 
that stage, keep the Kuji Meter as full as possible because a fuller 
gauge allows you to do more damage with normal attacks. 

Inventory Items - The items that your ninja is carrying are shown 
using icons. The number below each icon indicates how many of 
that item is being carried. Select the desired item by using the 
Black button or <- and -4 on the directional pad. To shortcut to 
the grappling hook, press -T on the directional pad. If you have 
a health potion, the shortcut is si/ on the directional pad. 



Press the START button during gameplay to access the Pause 
screen. Press START again to go back to the game. 

Retry ~ Select Retry to restart from the beginning of the current 
level with the items that you've already selected. Using Retry 
lets you restart a level without having to die to keep your point 
totals high. 

Item Selection Screen - Select Return to Item Selection Screen to 

view or change the items that you have with you in the level. If you 
find you've packed the wrong items and can't succeed without a 
certain item, press START and select Return to Item Selection 
Screen. You can then switch out items without having to die and 
restart the level. 


Expansion slot A 

Right trigger 

Expansion slot B 

Left trigger 

Directional pad Right thumbstick 

Black button Scroll left through item inventory 

White button Look around by manually controlling the 
camera. Use the left thumbstick while 
holding down the White button to move 
the camera around. 


right trigger • Autoface and lock on (when an enemy is nearby) . 

• Tap once to autoface towards the closest enemy 
within fighting range. 

• Hold down to lock on to the enemy you 
are fighting. 

• Strafe (when enemy is not nearby). 

• Pull and hold the right trigger button and move 
the left thumbstick to strafe. 

left trigger • Stealth Mode. 

• Pull the left trigger button to crouch. If you're 
near a wall you'll press your back against it. 
Use in combination with the Jump button to 
perform a somersault. 

• Pull and hold the left trigger button and press 
the B button to drag dead bodies. 

riglit thumbstick Detonate Sticky Bombs. 

right thumbstick Move camera while sliding along the walls. 

left thumbstick Move your character. 

Directional Buttons 

■t^ Shortcut to the grappling hook. 

si/ Shortcut to the health potion. 

-^ Scroll right through item inventory. 

<- Scroll left through item inventory. 

Y button Aim/Use Item. 

For projectile items, hold down the Y button 
and use the left thumbstick to aim, let go of the 
y button to shoot. 

X button Attack. 


A button Jump. Tap again while in the air to perform a 

double jump. Use with the left trigger button to 
perform somersaults. Use with the right trigger 
button to perform flips. 

B button Block/ Secondary attack. 

Hold down the B button to block against attacks. By facing square 
with an enemy and holding down the B button, Rikimaru will be able 
to pick up enemies. By letting go of the B button, Rikimaru will throw 
that enemy. For Ayame, doing the same will perform a chop to the 
head that will give her time to run away and hide. 

To exit a level, press and hold the left trigger, right trigger, START 

and Black buttons and the game will return to the Title screen. 


(Easy difCiculty only) 

If you die and don't want to go back to the beginning of the level, 
select Continue to go back to the last save checkpoint. This way, 
you can retry whatever fight killed you and emerge victorious. 
However, selecting Continue counts as negative points toward 
your final mission score. 


Your ninja skills will be ranked at the end of each completed mission. 
Earning a high score is important because it determines the type and 
number of ninja items that will be available for your next mission. 


] stealth Kills - 20 points each. 

j Normal Kills — 5 points each. 

Spotted - 450 bonus points for not being spotted. Minus 150 points 
the first time you are spotted and 30 points from this bonus each time ; 
you are spotted thereafter. 

Noncombatants — Minus 50 points each time you murder an 
innocent bystander. 


Saving Your Progress 

You can save your progress at the end of a mission by turning 
on the autosave feature (default is ON) or by selecting Quit 
on the Results or Game Over screens and then selecting Save 
on the Save and Load sub-menu of the Options menu. Only 
one Tenchu: Return from Darkness'^' game can be saved 
and overwritten. 


The true ninja is unseen. You must avoid being spotted because 
identification by the enemy may mean death. Fade into your 
environment to avoid detection. Crouch among bushes. Press flat 
against walls. Creep above ceilings. Dash from shadow to shadow. 
Use the grappling hook to rise above enemies. Strike guards without 
being seen. All this and more is possible by erasing your own 
presence from the environment. That is the ultimately beautiful way 
of the ninja. The way of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu. 

Use SoDiersaults and Move While Groocliing 

Somersaults and crouching are fundamental moves for stealth. 
Somersaults are particularly useful for moving quickly while in 
stealth. Crouching will allow you to hide behind low obstacles and 
will also reduce the range at which you are spotted and recognized. 
To crouch, press the left trigger button. You can perform 
somersaults while crouching by using the left thumbstick and 
pressing the A button. 

Slide Along the Walls 

This is another technique that is indispensable to a ninja. There is 
no telling what danger lurks beyond the corners of halls and 
passageways. When you are close to a wall press the left trigger 
button to move up against it. Nove the left thumbstick to slide along 
the wall. You will automatically stop at a corner and the camera will 
pan out to allow you to see around the corner. Use the right 
thumbstick while you have your back pressed up against a wall to 
manipulate the camera. 


Use the Grappliog Hook 

The grappling hook is a vital tool for conducting missions. It is 
indispensable for scaling high walls and climbing up rooftops. 
Select the grappling hook, press and hold down the Y button and 
aim the grappling hook with the left thumbstick. Then let go of the 
Y button to shoot the grappling hook. The sight of the grappling 
hook will turn a brighter red when it is on top of something it can 
hook onto. 

Be Patient aod Kill from the Shadows 

To be a successful ninja you must learn to be patient. All ninja 
can perform devastating one-hit kills only if the intended target is 
entirely unaware of the creeping ninja, (The Ki Meter must be no 
higher than ?.) Sneak up on the victim, and press the X button 
to execute them. The actual technique used will depend on the 
distance between the ninja and the target and the direction from 
which you approach the victim. 

Use the Nioja Items 

To successfully complete missions, the importance of items cannot 
be overlooked. Although there are items for attacking, such as 
shurikens and gi'enades, the key point is that you are a ninja— 
secrecy is paramount. Learn to use items that are designed to help 
the ninja remain undetected. Poison rice balls can be used to lure 
guards away from your path. When spotted by an enemy, a smoke 
bomb can provide temporary cover while you escape. 

Know Yoor Eoemy 

To complete a mission without being spotted, the ninja must be a 
good scout. You will need to detect danger and bypass or remove it. 
Use the Ki Meter to determine when you are close to an enemy. If 
you are close, stop, crouch and look around to find out where the 
enemy lurks. When you find enemies, try to view them from a safe 
vantage point to learn their patrol patterns and habits. Once you 
know an enemy, you can time your approach in order to take the 
enemy by surprise. Always use stealth techniques when an enemy 
is nearby to maximize the chances of remaining undetected. Be 
aware that some enemies can see farther than other enemies. ^^^ 


Place Your MissioD Before Vour Greed 

Your missions will not necessitate the l^illing of everyone. Some 
enemies won't be wortli tlie kill when you gauge the risks involved 
of being identified. Do not be greedy about getting all of the 
hidden items within the map. You should consider some of them 
as traps that will make you more visible to guards. 


3 Hit Combo 


3 Hit Combo & Kick 

X, X, X, X + up on the left thumbstick 

360° Attack 

Rotate the left thumbstick 360° and 
press Attack 

Hop to the Left/Right 
Around Enemy 

Press the A button and left/right with the 
left thumbstick while holding down the 
right trigger button near an enemy 

Somersault 180 

Press the A button while holding down the 
left trigger button 

Somersault to Left/Right 

Press left/right with the left thumbstick and 
press the A button while holding down the 
left trigger button 

jump Flip 

Press the A button while holding down the 
right trigger 


Press up with the left thumbstick and press 
the B button to pick up; throw by letting go 
of the B button 

Crawl into Opening 

Crouch by pressing the left trigger button 
down and move forward into the opening 

Look Around 

White button + left thumbstick 




Tad Horie 

Associate Producer 
Hiroki Satoyoshi 

Production Coordinator 
Jacob Biegel 

Creative Director 
David Grijns 

Senior Producer 
Jeff Matsushita 

VP of Studio 
Takehlsa Abe 

Global Brand Manager 
Tabitha Hayes 

Creative Services 

VP, Creative Services 
& Operations 
Denise Walsh 

Marketing Creative Director 
Matt Stainner 

Creative Services Manager 
Jill Barry 

Creative Services 
Assistant Manager 
Shelby Yates 

Quality Assurance 

QA Project Lead 
Mike Wesby 

QA Senior Project Lead 
Anthony Hatch Korotko 

Director of Marketing 

QA Manager 

David Pokress 

Joe Favazza 

VP of Marketing 

QA Night Shin Manager 

Dusty Welch 

Adam Hartsfteld 

Finance Manager CBM 

Floor Lead 

Flora Lew 

Hubert Cheng 


Database Manager 

Lisa Fields 

Hubert Cheng 

Business Affairs 

QA Testers 

Greg Deutsch 

John Macmillan 


Jose Ornelas 

Michael Larson 

Judd Hollander 

David Kay 

Ryan Ellis 

Dani Kim 

Martyn Rentzer 


Frank Vasquez 
Guy Selga 
Elias Jimenez 
Leviticus Davis 
Josh Feinman 
Chad Makings 
JimmY Nguyen 
Jorga Houy 

Manager^ Technical 
Requirements Group 
Marilena Rixford 

lead, Technical 
Requirements Group 
Sion Rodriguez y Gibson 

Testers r Technical 
Requirements Group 
Narc Villenueva 
Taylor Livingston 
Aaron Camacho 

Customer Support 

Sr. Customer Support Manager 
Bob NcPherson 

Customer Support Phone Lead 
Gary Bolduc 

Customer Support Email Lead 
Mike Hill 

Activision Special Thanks 
Jim Summers, Jason Wong, 
Ed Clune, Indra Yee, Tim Vanlaw, 
Nadine Theuzillot. Mike Beck, 
Todd Komesu, Joule Middleton, 
Willie Bolton, Chad Siedhoff, 
Jennifer Vitiello, Jason Potter, 
John Rosser, Glenn Vistante, 

Matt McClure, NickFavazza, 
Mike Rixford, Tyler Rivers, 
Paul Colbert 


Mitsuo Kodama 

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Chief Programmers 
Shin-ichi Shimizu 
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Special Thanks 
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Motion Capture 
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CG Movies 

CG Producer 
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CG Chief Director 
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CG Animation Chief 

Shigeharu Shimada 
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CG Producer 
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[flylish Voices 

Casting and Voice Director 
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Japanese Voices 

Casting Director 
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Opening Theme Song 

Performed by 

''addu'a'' featuring Yui Murase 


Eiichi Miyazawa 


Noriyuki ''alpha" Asakura 


Noriyuki ''alpha" Asakura 

Acoustic & Electric Guitar 
Kiyotsugu Amano 

Electrical Acoustic Bass 
Tatsuhiko Hizawa 

Hiroshi Matsubara 
Noriyuki Asakura 



Tetsuya Ochiai 
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ProTools & LogicAudio 


Noriyuki ''alpha'' Asakura 

Mixed & Engineered by 
Yasuo Morimoto 
Isamu Hanashima 
Kentaro Kikuchi 
Noriyuki Asakura 

Mastered & Engineered by 
Kazuo Kuwabara 

Player Assigned 
Yoshitaka Ohno 


Crescente Studio, Tokyo 

Alphanear Studio, Tokyo 

All Songs Composed 

& Produced by 

Noriyuki "alpha'' Asakura 


Ignited Minds LLC 



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rrrn rnun nrrrn rnr 


irrrrljl ///i'lii/jy^ 







Official Strategy Guide 

with the Official Strategy 
Guide from BradyGames! 

• Complete walkthroughs 
for all characters. 

• Detailed area maps, including 
two new single-player maps. 

• Multlplayer tactics and online 
strategies for Xbox Live 
cooperative and versus gameplay. 

• All secrets and cheat codes revealed! 

To purchase BradyGames' Tenchu: Return from Darkness' Official Strategy Guide, visit 
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